Positive Charity Vibes

Over here at Charities in Focus, when the world went mad, we spent a lot of time having a think about the best way we could celebrate charities and the amazing work they do.


Lockdown has been rough, especially for charities and we wanted to do our bit to share some positivity with you guys. 

But then, we thought about it some more and decided we didn't really want to be doing that much work so we got in contact with some charity leaders and let them do it instead. 

We kept it simple for them (see: when the world went mad above) and instead of making them write poems or come up with an elaborate contemporary dance to convey positivity, we zoomed. Easy right?

We asked 5 questions, tried to do it in 5 minutes, (we failed, but that's because it was lockdown and everyone had too much time) and then kept the best bits for you all to see. Enjoy!

Video #1: Debra Allcock Tyler, CEO of Directory of Social Change

We were so excited to have Debra join us to launch Positive Charity Vibes and absolutely loved her view on positivity. Have a watch and let us know what you think!

Video #2: Karl Wilding, Chief Executive of National Council for Voluntary Organisations

We were so delighted to have Karl join us for the second in our series of Positive Charity Vibes interviews! We had such a good time recording this video and hope you enjoy!

Video #3: Fozia Irfan, former CEO for Bedfordshire Luton Community Foundation

We absolutely loved having Fozia on for our third Positive Charity Vibes interview! We really enjoyed hearing her words of wisdom and positivity and hope you do too!

Video #4: David Saint, Chairman of Action Planning

We really enjoyed having David on for the next in our series of Positive Charity Vibes interviews and hearing his perspectives on how the charity sector has adapted! This is an interview you don't want to miss!