Application of Positive Psychology in Charities

Frankly, you could read every published positive psychology book and learn the theory in full, but until the principles are applied, they remain theories. We will encourage you to utilise the tenets of positive psychology in all areas of your life; to improve your personal and professional relationships, health and self-development. Then we encourage you to keep in touch and become part of our Positive Psychology Learning community, so you can continue to learn through discussion and shared experiences. We will keep  you informed of new research material and our other courses that we will run in the future. Positive psychology is a way of life and we practice what we teach!

Our Approach - active learning to increased impact


We recognise everyone has their own preferred learning styles.  Learning theory and research shows that what we learn by experience leads to higher learning gains and retention of information. The combination of ‘seeing’, ‘doing’ and ‘discussing have been found to be the most popular learning experiences and we present our work in as many different ways as possible to accommodate this.

So in our courses, workshops and projects we share some theory but lots of application from the science of positive psychology. This means that we facilitate a positive learning environment where you can have your own unique experience of what it means to you.


When we work with you, you won't just sit and listen, we want you to actively participate and we value your opinion and experience.