Marketing Strategy, Branding and Communications

Marketing Strategy, Branding and Communications

Many charities do not have the resource or expertise to engage in marketing,

but that can be a mistake.


If your charity has a logo, a name and a location, then it has a brand.

To be effective, every brand needs to have a marketing plan.  


In order for your charity to succeed, you will need your charity's brand

to be valued. In that way, your charity will reach more beneficiaries,

more potential funders and donors and attract more high-calibre

volunteers than you had last year.


But marketing isn’t as simple as it used to be. There’s more competition and more ways to communicate.


We help our clients communicate where their audiences are, in the way they want to be communicated with. Potential beneficaries, volunteers and funders make decisions based on word-of-mouth, personal opinions and relationships more than on ads, lending more validity to marketing communications tools, such as public relations and social media.


To achieve spectacular goals, you need to plan your charity's brand development and marketing and how to communicate it.  Integrated marketing communication is a planning process that affirms the relevancy and consistency of your brand strategy and all its points of contact with customers and potential customers.


If you need help with planning the basics about what your brand is and how to market it effectively, contact us today. We have marketing expertise that will ensure your charity brand stands out from the crowd and is positioned strongly for growth.






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