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February 2018

HeART is a local charity based in Thriplow. HeART stands for “Heathfield Area Recreation Trust”, which was set up by concerned parents just 18 months ago to improve the local parks and organise events to bring families together and improve community spirit.

The parents who founded HeART recognised their small playground, which only had two pieces of equipment that were over 20 years old. Over a long year of development and fundraising, the charity raised approx. £40,000.  With enough funds, the charity was able to refurbish the playgroup, which last September was officially opened by the famous soap actors, Jason Merrells (Declan in Emmerdale) and Cliff Parisi (Eastenders’ Minty).

The charity has been helped by a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers who have great plans for 2018, including a cinema day, a summer open day and Halloween disco.

A big part of HeART’s plans this year include a Beer Festival, which will take place this summer. All funds raised on the day will be put towards buying play equipment and running events for young children in Thriplow and Duxford.

Sabrina Melvin, trustee and co-founder, said:

There are very few local facilities for families in Thriplow and Duxford.  HeART needs people and organisations in the community to help out.  With volunteering and supporting us, we can organise a great fun event and raise funds for play equipment for older children. We are urging you to help out if you can, so please get in touch.


If you fancy a new challenge in 2018, taking part in HeART could be a good way to do something different, develop your skills and meet new people.


If you want to discuss how you can help HeART and join the charity’s friendly team, contact Sabrina Melvin.

Further information about HeART is available:


Found out more about HeART on its website: www.heartfamilies.org, where donations to its fundraising appeal can also be made.

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