Evaluation and Impact Reporting


Evaluation and Impact Reporting

Increasingly charities are being asked to do more for less!  

With increased demand and less funding opportunities around,

it can appear additionally onerous when your funder asked you to

evaluate your project too.


It is all too easy to become so involved with delivering services

and helping beneficiaries through your project that you forget

to keep a count or a measure of who you are helping and how. 


It is vital that you start collecting, collating and saving data and information

from the moment you begin to help people or a cause. 


The data will help you to:


  • Make decisions on whether you should change the way you do things

  • Plan for the future

  • Calculate the costs of expanding

  • Provide evidence to stakeholders who might have given you or are considering giving you funds,

  • Inform and improve your marketing communications.



If you need help to develop your evaluation system or produce an impact report for one of your services, please contact us today!


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