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Moving from Dreams to Reality

Have you ever felt trapped and wanted to do more?

.... I have .... and this year, that's what I'm doing. I decided to bring together my love of small charities, my background in national brand marketing and the years of experience I've gained in running charities and create a brand new project.

So, I've developed Charities in Focus as a project to help charities raise their profile and develop to meet the challenges of running a modern day charity. Open to Cambridge charities at present, I want to help with advice and practical support with governance, management, fundraising and marketing.

It's been amazing. In the first week I have been approached by six charities and asked to provide marketing training by two professional infrastructure organisations. And it's just the beginning! I'm so excited to see where this journey will lead me.

Am I daunted? Not really.... Worried? Well, if I'm honest, maybe a little - because I don't have a huge amount of time to donate to each charity. So, I'd welcome some company. If there are professionals out there that want to join in the fun, get in touch, because I'd love to help others connect with small charities. Join me in the ride to support small charities and let's see where it takes us!

Madeleine Cassidy, Founder of Charities in Focus