About Us

Yes, still passionate about charities!

Over here at Charities ​in Focus 

we have two basic goals that guide everything we do: 

1. We want to help make charities the best that they can be. 

2. We're fully committed to using a Positive Psychology based- approach to achieve goal 1. 


Easy right? I told you they were basic. 

About Us

So you're probably (justifiably) wondering who's actually this passionate about charities in real life, and why? Well, lucky for you we like talking about ourselves - and charities, we definitely love talking about charities. 

Way back in 2017, Charities in Focus started as the brain child of Madeleine (our founder) who during her masters degree in Voluntary Sector Management fell into positive psychology and then couldn't find her way back out again. 

In the three years since then, she's led two national charities, managed another as Vice-Chair, and read even more about positive psychology than her bookshelves (or family) would recommend. 

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Madeleine has jumped over her fair share of hurdles (figurative ones, literal hurdles are huge) and brings a a positive psychology approach to help charities achieve a greater impact.